Jasmine Eileen Coles was raised in Virginia and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jasmine currently lives in New York City working as a performance artist, educator, and holistic nutritionist and practitioner. 

Jasmines’ artistic mission is grounded in storytelling. She thrives on sharing stories that shift paradigms, ignite change, and cultivate dialogue through themes that unravel the human experience. Aesthetically, her work stems from rigorous intellectual and physical research and is engaged in exploring social issues, wellness, risk, and highly innovative immersive storytelling. Driven by imagination, her work searches for joy and compassion within challenging conversations. 

Jasmine’s work with youth has been extensive over the last 10 years. She is has taught creative enrichment classes, early childhood education, separation classes, and as been a caregiver.  

One of the main influences in her work is Ritual Poetic Drama within the African Continuum  This methodology created by Dr. Tawyna Pettiford Wates offers a non conventional perspective on theatre that has its roots in storytelling. RPD emphasizes the use of an ensemble and its ability to shape a community through transformative work grounded in revelation. Storytelling is one of the most historic art forms and as a deep connection with the human spirit, it is one of the first art forms that children experience. 

Jasmine strives to create a space that is safe, protected, and ripe for artists to create content and discover the responsibility we have within a community